The World is Filled With Millions of People, Most Of Whom Are Dangerously Wrong About Spiritual Matters.

Man has made tremendous progress in so many fields ... unprecedented leaps in medical and scientific technology has put men on the moon, cloned animals, and unraveled the mysteries of DNA. We can instantly communicate across the globe. The influence of computers is as universal as the equating of personal happiness with education, a comfortable income, and material possessions. Foreign travel, the arts, high culture and, for some of us, a little ‘church’ (fire insurance?) doesn’t hurt either. We are obsessed with self, largely living a trivial life with a trivial worldview. Taking the path of least resistance has never been so popular.

However our shallow, self-centered lifestyles have only exemplified the barrenness of our souls.

“everything was meaningless, A chasing after the wind; nothing was gained under the sun”.


Although we spend countless hours looking upwards, we are so totally immersed in our squabbling about the names and positions of the stars, that we fail to see the blazing meteor bearing down on us. We walk the sandy beach, so engrossed in counting the grains that we do not lift our eyes and see the enormity of the tidal wave that will soon engulf us.

We Are As Dumb, And As Dead, And As Damned, As We Ever Were...

And Almost Out Of Time!!!