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‘Christian’ Courses

Concerning one of the new “movements” in the church that was causing a stir among Christians, Leonard Ravenhill very aptly said... “There’s also a stir when the circus comes to town.”

The Fad-Driven Church
The dictionary defines a fad as "a practice or interest followed for a time with exaggerated zeal." This could just as well be a description of congregational life of many Christian churches today. There is a new book, a new program or a new emphasis every year or so. It's all anyone can talk about; it's all the preacher preaches about - for a while. Then, as quickly as it came, it's gone. As eagerly as it was received, it's abandoned and forgotten.

When Religion Goes Wrong
It Goes Terribly, Terribly Wrong



Specific Courses

The Purpose Driven Life
The Purpose-Driven Life by Rick Warren pastor of Saddleback Valley Community Church in Lake Forest California took the Christian community by storm. Unfortunately, we are living in the time that Paul spoke about in 2 Timothy 4:3 when people refuse to adhere to "sound doctrine", but heap up for themselves teachers who will tickle their ear "according to their own lusts". Biblical knowledge and discernment are at an all time low in both pulpit and pew.

And PDL is a perfect example.

Rick Warren is a master of finding the version of the Bible that supports the point he was endeavoring to get across regardless of how inaccurate the version. In PDL the non believer was presented with a shallow incomplete gospel that was woefully inadequate to save with no mention of Biblical repentance or the necessity for a life of holiness. Additionally, since the reader was told that the most important thing was 'unity' they never heard a word about discerning between true and false teachings, nor how the Bible instructs them to deal with those who practice and teach untruths. The book is liberally sprinkled with quotes from a wide variety of spiritually lost people. At least one led a decadent lifestyle, another was a staunch supported of hallucinogens, and at least two were active opponents of Biblical orthodoxy. On more than once occasion Warren refers to monks, nuns, and mystics as examples to be emulated.

Finally, he does not seem to be at all particular whom he associated with or what their beliefs happen to be - from his mentor Peter Drucker, to his signing up New Age promoter of Ken Blanchard to help ‘train soldiers for Christ, to his involvement with the John Templeton Foundation’s Power of Purpose essay.


The Alpha Course
To leave someone believing they are converted and saved when they are not is terrible. Yet, that is what we are risking when we use flawed and deeply deceptive tools such as Alpha.

A Course In Miracles
[In the New Age Section].. The Course uses Christian terminology and its followers believe it to be the revelation of Jesus... But is it?



Also See Section

Doctrines of Demons
Remember the verses in Scripture that speak of The “Falling Away” when some will give “Heed to Deceiving Spirits And Doctrines Of Demons? Well THAT DAY IS ALREADY HERE. We have lost all rights to call ourselves Christians by our wholesale adoption of doctrines and practices DIRECTLY derived from the occult...Tongues, Word of Faith, Labyrinths, Contemplative Prayer, Slain In The Spirit and Santa Claus. which means the man of sin isn’t far behind. May God, in His mercy send us a Nathan to accuse, a Jonah to warn, and an Elijah to threaten before it is too late.


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