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Chapter VII - How Words Precede Form

Carol Brooks

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    How Words Precede Physical Form?
    However, the problem is that Napoleon Hill's principles or "magic formula" actually seems to work. This was testified to by men such as United States Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Harding, Wilson, and Taft, plus some of the world's greatest scientists and founders of America's leading corporations: Thomas A. Edison, Luther Burbank, John D. Rockefeller, F. W. Woolworth, William Wrigley, Jr., George Eastman (Eastman Kodak), Robert Dollar (Dollar Steamship Lines), and others. The following endorsements (among other) are seen in the 1941 edition of Think and Grow Rich.. [Emphasis Added]

      Woolworth said "By applying many of the 17 fundamentals of the Law of Success philosophy we have built a great chain of successful stores. I presume it would be no exaggeration of fact if I said that the Woolworth Building might properly be called a monument to the soundness of these principles."

      William Wrigley "Whatever success I may have attained I owe, entirely, to the application of your 17 fundamental principles of the Law of Success. I believe I have the honor of being your first student."

    And through the ensuing years since Hill first set pen to paper, his principles and techniques are taught, in one form or the other, by every motivational speaker/ life coach on the planet... with often successful results. In fact, the non-believing world can, by learning and applying certain principles, match or even exceed, the gain that "Christian" ministers promise.

    This unsettling parallel should raise a very particular question in the mind of any discerning believer - Can matter can be manipulated by the words a person speaks or does an intelligent force hear these words then do what it takes to make them a reality? 

    We are "little gods".
    Word of Faith preachers entertain no such questions. They teach that not only is it possible for our words to transform physical reality, but it happens because people are 'little gods'. Since the book of Genesis tells us that all matter was spoken into existence by God, people made "in His image" can, to some degree, do the same thing. This in spite of the fact that we have little idea what being made in God's image exactly means.

      "[Man] was created on terms of equality with God, and he could stand in God's presence without any consciousness of inferiority... God made us as much like Himself as possible... He made us the same class of being that He is Himself... Man lived in the realm of God. He lived on terms equal with God...[The] believer is called Christ... That's who we are; we're Christ" [01]

      "You don't have a god in you, you are one." [02]

      "God came to earth and touched a piece of dust and turned it into a God." [03].

    Either these and many other Word of Faith preachers preachers in the church do not realize or do not care that they share this belief with both the occult world and Hindu gurus. Here are a few examples (the first two are by leading New Agers)

      Neale Donald Walsch: Here is some of what Neale Donald Walsch says in his trilogy - Conversations with God

      "Do you want your life to truly "take off"? Then change your idea about it. About you. Think, speak, and act as the God You Are" [04]

      You are already a God. You simply do not know it. Have I not said, "Ye are Gods"?" [05]

      Eric Butterworth:  "I insist that all persons are Divine. Jesus made the discovery of the Divinity of man" [06]

      Sathya Sai Baba: "I am God. And you too are God. The only difference between you and Me is that while I am aware of it, you are completely unaware.' [07]

      Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: "[When] Christ said,'Be still and know that I am God.'[He also meant] 'Be still and know that you are God." [08]

    See The Deification Of Man

    On the other hand
    In examining this second option, it has to be considered that there are only two intelligent forces in the spiritual world.. God and His angels, and Satan and his demons.

    While it is all very well to use high-sounding terms like "Cosmic Ordering", these terms are meaningless since the cosmos or universe has no intelligence or ability to hear your words or perceive your thoughts. It takes intelligence and power to order a sequence of events that leads to poverty or riches - to cause your boss to offer you that dreamed of promotion, or have your number to come up a winner in a lottery.

    The problem is that people don't believe Satan or his demons can perform genuine miracles. The Christian has been repeatedly told that God is the source of health and wealth and that Satan's work is to maim and destroy, so they assume that any teaching that is accompanied by signs - whether a fat bank account, freedom from debt or a physical healing - has to be from God.

    However, it has to be remembered that Satan is not particularly concerned whether or not you prosper financially and materially or have perfect health in this life as long as at the end of it all you are judged unworthy at the judgment seat of Christ. Satan is perfectly capable of giving you your hearts desire whether it be money, property or the constitution of an ox. 

    Besides which

      It's not a question of counterfeit versus real; Satan's miracles are not counterfeits any more than foreign currency is a counterfeit of our own currency. Counterfeit "miracles" are those feats of legerdemain performed by professional magicians, and charlatans who create ruses to bilk people out of money. A miracle from the spirit realm is genuine, whether from God or Satan. Satan's healings are not illusory; they are real. That's what makes them dangerous. The reason people believe teachings when they are accompanied by signs and wonders is that they don't believe Satan or his demons can perform genuine miracles. Therefore they think that any teaching accompanied by signs and wonders must be from God. [09]

    The very fact that much of this teaching originated with an imaginary 'Council of Seven' should speak volumes. Unfortunately, too many Christians, to their detriment, ignore the words of our Lord in Matthew 24:24

      "For false Christs and false prophets will arise and will show great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect. (Matthew 24:24 NASB)

    Apparently, it is not only God that grants health and wealth.


    Continue On To Chapter 8 - God and Money. The Bible never once condemns the wealthy just because they have money. In fact some of God's finest... Abraham, David and Job for example, were men of substance. However, the rich men in the Bible were nearly all in the Old Testament - the New Testament emphasized spiritual not material prosperity. And no, God's works doesn't take millions of dollars - He funds His own plans. Much to the contrary, the fund raising, begging, and numerous gimmicks to raise money is to fund projects (and their own extravagant lifestyle) that the Father did not commission . And remember that the Bible has already warned that you will become a means for their gain,

      And in their greed they will exploit you with false words; their judgment from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep. (2 Peter 2:3 NASB)  HERE


    End Notes - Chapter 7

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