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Biblical faith isn't believing against the evidence.

Many people demand that extraordinary events require extraordinary evidence. However, if the nature of "extraordinary evidence" cannot be objectively quantified or qualified and follow some reasonable guidelines it cannot be a rational request.

Does God exist? Is The God of the Bible Really God? Has Anyone Ever Seen God? Is God Male or Female? The ‘Jealousy’ of God. Can God Change His Mind? Is God ‘Different’ in the Old & New Testaments? Should Christians Fear God? The Wrath of God. The Trinity.

Who is this Jesus? An evil lying villain, a preposterously deluded madman, the Messiah, the Son of God? Or, as some claim, an enlightened mystic/great moral teacher?  Did Jesus ever claim to be God? He certainly broke all the rules of ‘How Not to Start an Ancient Religion’ so how did Christianity thrive and grow? Jesus' bodily resurrection is the cornerstone of Christian faith.  "If Christ is not risen, your faith is futile.…" (1 Corinthians 15:17).Was the Resurrection historical fact or fiction? (Section)

What makes the Bible the only book we can accept as divinely inspired since it does not glow in the dark, levitate or exhibit any physical qualities that might be seen as supernatural. How can we know beyond a shadow of doubt that the Bible is and always was the only Word of God? How is it possible to determine the validity and the authenticity of the claims made by these Scriptures. (Several Articles)

There is one test that we can apply to all ‘sacred writings’.... The Test Of Prophecy .. the foretelling of future events. It is a simple matter to ascertain whether such prophecies have been fulfilled or not. Includes Daniel’s prophecies, Messianic prophecies, prophecies about Israel and other Old Testament prophecies. (Several Articles)


Somehow people think that genuine faith is eviscerated by knowledge and evidence. We've made a virtue out of believing against the evidence, as if that's what God has in mind for us. This is all wrong. Includes Critically Examine Everything?


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 There are and always have been tough arguments against Christianity.  How can a loving God consign people to hell or allow evil and suffering to exist?  Is it bigoted or ‘politically incorrect’ to claim that Christ is the only way to God? Do miracles contradict science? ... And more. (Section)

Most critics of the Bible assume that because something is unexplained it is unexplainable. Constraints of space demand that the issues addressed in this section are the more common ones, with links to more detailed  resources. (Section)

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